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Specialists in Product Substance Compliance and Sustainability For All Supply Chain Tiers

RSJ Technical Consulting specializes in tailored solutions to meet your products' environmental compliance requirements by developing quality substance data at every supplier tier, incorporating compliance tasks within organizational functions, integrating compliance activities into manageable business systems and making compliance routine, cost effective and a competitive advantage.  Learn more - The Compliance Value Proposition Turning Compliance into Profitability

REACH, Conflict Minerals, ELV (IMDS) and Other Global Legislation

  • Reduce your compliance costs and risks
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Satisfy your customers data-collection/reporting needs

Do It Right.  Do It Once.  Do It Cost Effectively

For more than twelve years, RSJ Technical Consulting (“RSJ”) has been a trusted third-party consultant to OEMs and all-sized suppliers who must comply with REACH, Conflict Minerals, ELV, RoHS and other global directives.

RSJ specializes in reducing the costs and risks for our Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Appliance, Medical and Electronics customers.

RSJ is a one-stop firm for all your product-environmental compliance and data-collection needs.

Let us help you find your way to reguatory compliance without running aground!







Services We Offer Benefits You Receive
Product Risk Assessments
  • Which materials in which products represent your highest financial and regulatory risk
  • Avoidance of unneeded costs and efforts
  • Step-by-step implementation plan
Compliance Gap Analysis and Program Implementation
  • Achieve a compliance baseline
  • Know your compliance Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
  • Incorporate task with minimal disruption and costs
Product Substance Compliance Data Collection and Reporting
  • Avoid costly overhead for additional staff
  • Maximize the quality of received data for regulatory / customer compliance and for business opportunities
  • Buy only what you need
  • Lower your compliance budget
  • Prepare your staff to "Do It Right. Do It Once. Do It Cost Effectively"
  • Minimize re-work, customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of business