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RSJ's consulting services are designed to assist manufacturers, assembliers and distributors in implementing environmental compliance in a "step by step" manageable and affordable manner with an emphasis on the development of quality data within the supply chain and the creation of current solutions that are extensible to future regulations.
Our services include:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Scrub - we analyze the materials in your products to identify substances that are prohibited or restricted (or likely to be in the future)
  • Compliance Program Implementation - we review the practices that currently exist within your company and recommend what you need to do at the management and operational level to implement a system that ensures compliance with the lowest effort and disturbance to your organization
  • Product and Product Line Compliance Risk Analysis - our experts utilize their past experience in collecting material content data for parts to identify which parts in you product(s) are likely to present the greatest compliance risk against legislation such as the RoHS Directive and the REACH Regulation this risk analysis allows you to understand the scope of the risk your company faces and because we go through your product BOM part by part you will have a risk scaled list your parts which can serve to prioritize your data collection efforts
  • Compliance GAP Analysis - we spend time onsite with your staff reviewing the complexity of your product, your current organizational structure, company software systems (ERP, PDM, PLM..etc), current procedures and processes after which we provide you with a detailed report identifying: current functions that may be utlized by your company to implement a complaince system and what additional functions will need to be implemented or modified
  • Product Obsolescence Management - we help you identify your noncompliant products and develop strategies to bring them into compliance or phase them out
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - we identify changes you can make to improve the environmental performance of your products across their entire lifecycle
  • Compliance Software Evaluation - We help evaluate the software product of any provider and   tailor its implementation to your particular business situation
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Consulting - we provide consulting services to assist/ direct your company or facility in the implementation or maintaining of an Environmental Management System as well as preparation for third-party audits

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