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Training Services (IMDS, CDX, Conflict Minerals, Regulatory Briefings, etc.)






RSJ Technical's training services are designed to efficiently help manufacturers understand the regulations which pertain to the products they are designing and manufacturing and achieve compliance quickly.  Our trainings are focused on providing attendees with clear explanations allowing them to gain a full understanding through practical applications carried out through interactive learning.

Since 2003, RSJ has trained several thousand staff at all tiers of the supply chain in compliance-related areas. Given that experience, RSJ believes that low-cost, effective training is a non-negotiable requirement for success when it comes to complying with complex laws like REACH, Conflict Minerals, ELV and RoHS.

Inevitably, the failure to implement low-cost training results in squandered funds, wasted time and strained customer-supplier relationships.

As a key service to OEMs and all-sized suppliers, RSJ provides the following affordable in-person and/or online instruction either directly or through our relationship with industry associations.

  1. For Data-Collection Specialists: Comprehensive how-to training for IMDS, CDX, Conflict Minerals
  2. For Executives and Managers: Key strategic and tactical perspectives for reducing financial risks and meeting regulatory and customer requirements
  3. For Purchasing, Design Engineering and Other Functional Managers and Staff: Compliance-related activities to be incorporated into day-to-day responsibilities

RSJ provides two sources of trainings for OEMs and suppliers in all tiers of the supply chain:

  1. RSJ-developed trainings - Management Briefings, IMDS, CDX, Conflict Minerals
  2. REACH and Conflict Minerals trainings developed by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), with whom RSJ serves as subject-matter experts

Training is available in several formats:

  • In-person
    • Open Enrollment - classes open to participants from any company
    • On-site, company specific - training conducted for a specific company at their location customized to that company's particular concerns, issues and requirements
  • Online
    • RSJ topic specific webinars
      • Open enrollment - open to anyone
      • Custom - prepared and conducted for a specific company and customized to that company's particular concerns, issues and requirements
    • AEM's self-paced training modules

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