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Compliance Data Collection and Reporting

“We’ve got hundreds of Tier One suppliers and tens of thousands of suppliers in all the other tiers. Collecting complete and accurate substance data from them is a nightmare. Find me a consultant who can handle this and not charge us an arm and a leg.”  --CEO, sub-assembly supplier, automotive industry





For more than 12 years, RSJ has provided data-management services to OEMs and all-sized suppliers in the heavy equipment, automotive, defense, electronics and other industries.

We have collected, verified, traced and exchanged substance data from thousands of suppliers in regard to tens of thousands of materials, parts, components and fully-assembled products.

At a time when industries are still spending large sums of money for data that is often incomplete and inaccurate, RSJ is known for its commitment to quality, actionable data and for its ability to collect that data from suppliers.

We believe in doing data-collection once, doing it right and doing it cost-effectively. As a result, you:

  • Provide quality data to your customers and/or regulators
  • Reduce your compliance risks
  • Position your company as a preferred supplier

Data-Entry Services

RSJ offers a range of data-entry services, including:

  • Simple Data Entry Services: Utilizing internal data and specifications, RSJ enters data into the appropriate format and reports it to your customer(s) or to a regulatory body, as required
  • Data Collection System Implementation and Launch: RSJ directs the implementation of a data-collection system within your company and runs this system through the launch and initial data-population phase
  • Turnkey Data Collection: RSJ provides full data-collection services, including contacting your suppliers, reviewing incoming data and assembling complete data for your products, as well as performing compliance analysis and reporting

Data-Exchange Systems

In accomplishing the above, RSJ utilizes well-accepted systems and forms for managing client reports:

  • IMDS: The International Material Data System which is used by the automotive industry to ensure compliance with the End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive and related legislation
  • IPC-1752: A business-to-business direct reporting format utilized by the electronics industry to exchange material content information in regard to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and related legislation
  • CMRT (EICC-GeSI): A business-to-business reporting format utilized by several industries in order to meet the Conflict Minerals disclosure requirements from the US’ Securities and Exchange Commission in conjunction with the Section 1502 of the US’ Dodd-Frank Wall St. Reform and Consumer Protection Act
  • CDX: The Compliance Data Exchange is a highly flexible data reporting system similar to IMDS utilized by various industries to verify compliance against multiple current and future laws, including the EU’s Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation

How RSJ's Managed Data-Collection Services Work

Your company provides:

  • Access to appropriate BOMs, drawings, material specifications and internal data-storage systems
  • Supplier contacts
  • An introduction to your supply base

An RSJ data-collection specialist:

  • Evaluates current and incoming substance data from suppliers
  • Contacts supplier for new data or for data that is initially incorrect or incomplete
  • Provides reports on substances in your products to satisfy requirements form regulators and within customer contracts.