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IMDS Data Services

RSJ’s approach to IMDS is focused on obtaining and entering the highest quality data with the traceability necessary in order ensure that due diligence requirements are met.  Our staff has years of experience in the collection of material content information and its entry into IMDS.  We can provide services at any level you need from assistance with a single specific issue to complete turn-key-leave-it-to-us-and-never-think-about-IMDS-again.

Company Registration

If your company is not yet registered in IMDS, RSJ can register your company.  We provide a simple form for you to fill out and we use the information to set up your company in IMDS.  Once set up, you can proceed to enter data on your own or have RSJ take care of it for you.  If you want to enter your own data, we offer IMDS training as well as a complete guide to the IMDS process.

MDS (Material Data Sheet) Data Entry

Our turn-key data entry services include RSJ staff entering data for the items you supply into IMDS and submitting the created Material Data Sheets (MDSs) to your designated customers.  Following this data entry our staff will monitor the submission until the submission is accepted by the designated customers.  Should a rejection of a submitted MDS occur, RSJ staff will review the submission make the necessary corrections and resubmit.  We offer the following data entry services:

  • Components
    • Simple - Simple components are defined as a single component composed of one to three materials.
    • Moderate Complexity - These are components with two to five levels in their structure with several sub-components.  This service may also involve the contacting of your suppliers in order to collect material content data from them.  
    •  High Complexity - These are components with more than five levels of depth or containing more than 30 unique sub-components.  We will provide customized project quotes for these components.  In order to provide a quote we need the following information (Before providing any information, RSJ is always willing to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement with potential clients):
      • The total number of end items to be submitted to customers
      • The total number of unique sub-components
      • The availability of data (i.e. provided versus collected from suppliers)
      • The number of suppliers for which data collection services would be required.
  • Semi-components - Semi-components are composed of simple and/or complex materials.
  • Materials
    • Simple - Simple materials are defined as materials made from basic substances.
    • Complex - Complex materials are defined as materials made from other materials.  This service may involve RSJ staff  conducting research in order to obtain material content information (supplier contacting, vender identification …etc.).

Mentoring and Coaching

Got an IMDS question?  Trying to accomplish an unfamiliar task in IMDS?  This option is for you.  You can purchase blocks of hours and use it as you need in as little as 1/10th of an hour increments.  Think of this as having your own personal subject matter expert.

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