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RSJ Technical Consulting is focused on assisting you with meeting all your regulatory product substance compliance requirements whether by providing turn-key data collection services or business process implementation assistance to build your internal competence and self-sufficiency.


RSJ assists OEMs and all-tiered suppliers to comply with REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS and ELV; to lower their short-term compliance risks and costs; and to leverage their compliance activities for greater profitability and competitive advantage.


RSJ seeks to be your trusted advisor as you comply with individual regulations; implement a Regulatory Compliance Management Process® to routinely comply with multiple regulatory requirements; and capitalize on the Compliance Value Proposition® for compliance-based revenue opportunities.


In 2000, a fire totally destroyed the home of RSJ’s Founder and President, Michael Wurzman.

While watching his home burn, Michael noticed that firefighters were covered in protective clothing, while he, his wife and onlookers were not.

Later, Michael learned that these first responders were protecting themselves against not only fire and smoke, but also toxic substances being released from computers, furniture, bicycles, insulation on electrical wire and many other sources.

Thus, in 2003, RSJ Technical Consulting was launched as a highly-specialized consulting firm to assist companies in cost-effectively complying with an emerging class of global regulations that 1) targeted hazardous substances in both consumer and business products and 2) aimed to reduce the impact of these products on human health and the environment. As a symbol of the new firm’s importance to Michael, “RSJ” stands for the first initials of his three children.

Client Engagements

RSJ brings a depth of understanding and breadth of experience in regard to 1) REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, ELV and other regulations that target substances in products; and 2) data-collection requirements, pitfalls and solutions when using IMDS, CDX, IPC 175X and other data-collection platforms.

To cite several examples, RSJ:

  • As part of Product Risk Assessments, evaluates thousands of parts to determine the highest risk materials in BOMs with the highest financial risk of non-compliance
  • As part of Compliance Gap Analyses, conducts in-depth function-based interviews to determine the least costly – and least disruptive – method for integrating compliance tasks into day-to-day responsibilities biohazard
  • Has a very deep background in additives and other potentially toxic substances that are included on declarable-substance lists such as REACH’s SVHC, Restriction and Authorization Lists, as well as the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) and the Chemical Secretariat’s Substitute-It-Now (SIN) List.
  • Specializes in the business, market and competitive risks that are often over-looked by companies, e.g. the potentially high costs associated with having to identify, test and qualify new materials for their performance and safety characteristics, when chemical manufacturers reduce production of toxic substances identified by agencies like the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), the US EPA and China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Industry Associations

RSJ strongly believes in the power of industry associations to drive forward compliance solutions. As a result, RSJ consultants are actively involved with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), the International Aerospace and Defense Environmental Group (IAEG), IPC and other industry associations.

As a result of these these working relationships, RSJ provides its clients with technical insights, best practices and lessons learned from their own industry and related industries.

To cite two examples:

Association of Equipment Manufacturers

Association of Equipment Manufacturers

For nearly three years, RSJ has served as subject matter expert to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). In that capacity, RSJ has been an ongoing contributor in developing AEM’s 1) overall Market Access Pathway program; 2) low-cost, online REACH and Conflict Minerals training programs; and 3) monthly Regulated Substances Brief.

RSJ has also played a leading role in assisting AEM and its Steering Committee (AGCO, Caterpillar, John Deere, Navistar, Terex, Volvo Truck, others) in evaluating CDX and other data-exchange systems and data formats.

Finally, RSJ provides third-party perspectives at AEM’s industry events, and it authors “Compliance Value Proposition” and other papers for the Association.

Automotive Industry Action Group

Automotive Industry Action Group

In 2014, Michael Wurzman, RSJ’s President, was honored with AIAG’s XXX award in recognition of his long-standing service to the Association. Chris Harden, RSJ’s VP, Operations, has co-chaired for many years AIAG’s TBA. And Heidi Wittenborn, Senior Environmental Consultant, has been a recognized Data Quality presenter at AIAG conferences

RSJ Areas of Expertise

RSJ draws upon both a core team and an expanded team of consultants. Collectively, these senior-level individuals average more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing and business processes; regulatory compliance and enforcement; data collection and management; compliance software systems; and other related areas. Depending on client needs, we are very much at home:

  • Advising Executives on strategic approaches to reducing REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS and ELV financial risks, including denial of market access
  • Advising managers on tactical approaches for gathering, evaluating, tracing and updating substance data from very deep supply chains
  • Interviewing Legal, Quality, Purchasing, Materials and other functional staff in order to improve process flows that can be used to lower compliance costs and risks
  • Managing substance-data collection processes as a turn-key service
  • Training staff not only in how to input data into IMDS and CDX, but also in understanding material classifications, data quality issues and the critical role these staff members play in your company’s compliance efforts

RSJ is also a leading industry practitioner in implementing “beyond-compliance” business practices that increase profitability, brand reputation and competitive position. In so doing, it has pioneered the Compliance Value Proposition®, the Regulatory Compliance Management Process® and other tools that assist manufacturing firms in profiting from their compliance activities.

Partial Client List

RSJ has worked with a wide range of OEM and all-sized supplier clients, including: AEM, Branam Fastening Systems, Caterpillar, Fox, Graham White, JLG, Precision Associates, Red Dot, Spectrum Industries, Tesla, Triplex Manufacturing and many, many others.

RSJ Approach

Based on its 12 years assisting clients and industry associations with REACH, Conflict Minerals, RoHS, and ELV compliance, RSJ has evolved the Five Principles it employs when working with clients:

  1. "Do It Right. Do It Once” to reduce costs
  2. Integrate compliance activities into routine business processes
  3. Uncover compliance-based business opportunities
  4. Link ongoing compliance to sustained profitability
  5. Mentor clients to foster internal self-sufficiency – not consultant-dependency

By adhering to these Five Principles, RSJ Technical consistently adds financial, business and human-resource value to its OEM, supplier and industry-association clients.


Circle #1: RSJ has a core group of consultants, who average more than 25years of experience working with OEMs and suppliers. Key RSJ consultants include:

  • Harvey Stone, VP Consulting
  • Heidi Wittenborn, VP Training
  • Jennifer Guest, Senior Consultant, Product Compliance and Ethical Sourcing
  • Serena Lujan, Senior Consultant, Product Compliance
  • Michael Wurzman, Founder and President

Circle #2: RSJ has a broader pool of highly-experienced consultants, who have specialized skills ranging from supply-chain management and multi-language IMDS/CDX training to software-system evaluation and corporate organizational facilitation.

Circle #3: RSJ has formed organizational alliances to expand its skill sets, provide financial resources and/or supplement its consultant base for more extensive projects.

RSJ's orgnizational alliances include:

Inogen Logo

Inogen is a global corporation made up of partnering independent consultancies that provides multinational organizations with consistent, high quality and cost-effective environmental, health and safety solutions by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing requirements of today, and delivering results for a sustainable future.


LMI is a large, highly regarded consulting organization headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area. For more than 50 years, LMI has specialized in Infrastructure, IT, Supply Chain and Change Management with very large organizations, including the US’ Department of Defense and Department of Energy. Working together, RSJ Technical’s domain expertise in product-oriented regulatory compliance and LMI’s scalable resources provide the consulting muscle to assist even the largest global corporations in 1) complying with REACH, RoHS2, Conflict Minerals, ELV and other regulations, 2) implementing a Regulatory Compliance Management Process® and 3) capitalizing on the Compliance Value Proposition®.